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So last week I started this killer idea for a weight loss challenge. Initially it was thought for people in ministry because we are looked at as examples and I know I for one am not a good example with my health.

Oh I know what your think..”what Joel? are you kidding with his dashing good looks and sumo greek physic…Why would he have a need to lose some weight.”

Weight: 260
Height: 6ft
waist: 38 pants 41 with tape measure.

Hmm….for all of you non math whiz people. That is a purebred fat arse.

So I lay the gauntlet down and tons respond. Not here…but elsewhere and I am stoked..

My first week went great. I was eating less and completely cut out bread. I drank cranberry water, crystal light, and water. All was good until mother’s day. BAH!

Thats right mother’s day. Filled with chocolate and starbucks gift cards. Doh!

I have the will power of a dead snail.

With that said I lost one pound, but I know I could have lost 3-5 if it had not been for mother’s day.

I am gonna try my hardest this week and if there is another high holiday of some sort I will be staying in a hotel to stay away from the treats.

The honest truth is sweets are not my issue. It’s bread. If I could I would have a baguette IV.

Ok so now starts week 2. Cya monday for another update and please check out the others who have jumped on this. Visit them encourage them and also anybody who is doing this use the logo and link to these people so we can keep track

Good Luck Everyone!!!





So I have been thinking of starting to become a beer drinker. I don’t normally drink not because of religious reasons, but cus I think it tastes like crap. So why am I thinking of starting to drink beer. Simple…

Beer gut justification. Thats right. I need some way to justify having a beer gut when I don’t even drink beer.

So it’s day one of the “no more fat arse people in ministry weight loss challenge”. I just lost 300 calories typing that.

I’m starting with a detox diet. No carbs High protein and before every meal 8 ounces of cranberry juice mixed with water. No that is not tasty. You are suppose to kick start the day with some warm lemon water. I think I will try that tomorrow.

So I know some of you are jumping in on this and you can do it anyway you want. Use the banner and let me know what you are doing.

So I have noticed and so has my wife that I have gained a few pounds and quite frankly I am tired of it. It isn’t conducive to many things. any more would qualify as TMI.
Have you read that your body is a temple? Well mine is more like a chucky cheese. It is not healthy and a joke. So with that said I am starting a detox diet. 1.5 years ago I weighed 220. I am 6ft and now weigh 260. That is not a good weight to time ratio. I am ready to fix that an maybe become a non fat Arse person in ministry. That will help me not to look like a tall hobbit. Oops sorry rabbit trail.

So I challenge all of my billions of readers to take up the challenge as well. Use the logo and any weight loss you choose. Don’t continue in being a Fat Arse person in ministry. Become a Trim and Lean Arse.

below is a banner to pop on your site as well. Support the process and me in prayer…or jump on board and join me.

WHO’S WITH ME!!! jump on …use the banner and tell me what your doing and if it’s working. During all of this I have rededicated to being more in the word…I’ll have a post on that soon

How to lose weight fast

February 13, 2008 — 4 Comments

thats right guys..I found the secret.

On Saturday I realized that I was tired of not being in a good shape and that when monday came around I would go on a diet.

Sunday night came around and I found myself with the flu.

Tues I have a temp of 103.6.

I have lost 4 pounds in 3 days.

I hope to be back to normal soon because there is much to blog about