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  • It’s 2010 and I’m Back

    I was talking to my buddy Conner the other day about “blogging”. We both agreed that blogging has changed. It used to be, at least for us, about community AND about getting things off your chest. Then came Facebook and Twitter. Two sites that hold a dear place in my heart and I will be […]

  • Re:create 09′

    In four days I will be flying out to Nasville to attend the re:create “un-conference”. I am very excited to be able to go to this think tank and learn from my peers how better to get the good news to hit home with people. I also get to meet come of my blogging friends […]

  • Twitter is God breathed

    straight from the word! God believed in twitter too ht: H3

  • WWJT: What would Jesus tweet?

    I’ve seen this question posed everywhere. What if Jesus used twitter…what would he say. I think it would go like this: @church I’m coming soon @church Stop making me look bad @church be still and know I am God @church Love mercy, act justly and walk humbly with me @self Boy do I make great […]

  • Twitter account on ebay?

    I read somewhere that this guy put his twitter account and hie followers on ebay for sale. He boasts almost 1400 followers. the price so far is up to $1125. WOW! that’s insane. I don’t know what else to say about that except for. ARE YOU KIDDING!