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  • Observe the High Holy Day PLEASE

    Cancel all your meetings Ignore your family Strap yourself into your couch. LOST premiere tonight! FINALLY My life is finally complete. Anybody else with me?

  • Must See TV

    Interesting time right now. Here are my must see TV shows. and by must see I mean that if I don’t I literally can’t function. 1. LOST 2. Survivor 3. TopChef you guys have any “must see” shows?

  • Lost Season 4: and I have a meeting

    Arg…I’ve been waiting forever for this and it’s tonight and I have a meeting. THANK GOD FOR DVR. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKE_ZPGzV_Q]

  • Friday Reviews: TV Shows

    Here are the sought after friday reviews…This weeks focus…My TV habit (fall season) 1. I Hate My 30’s – are you between age 25-35….THEN WATCH THIS….it is only 8 episodes and you can watch it online at the V-spot, Disclaimer: one of the funniest shows ever. A little crude. bring a change of pants! 2. […]