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May 27th Set List

May 26, 2007 — 10 Comments

This is the sheet I use when I put together my set list.

As always Worship leaders post your set lists or a link to where we can find your set list.

Worship Confessional: This weeks service was great. A memorial day service with prayer for those we have lost. We opened with new hymn Before the Throne of God above. I love that hymn. Next our new gloria which people are really liking. (Darren I will have it to you within a week) Beautiful one was done fast then slow then fast and then right into Everlasting God chorus. That worked out great and of course that is becoming a favorite of the church. A couple of standards….Great I am written by me and an old friend in Oregon played in a different key then normal. It made it great right before communion. Did only You for communion which I love but it is a hard song to sing with other songs because it is a weird rhythm. And then we ended with the classic Delirious Song. All in all a very worshipful service, but it will be real nice to get a bass player. Acoustic only again for the 3rd week. While I love that it is difficult to move in the dynamics as much.

SUNDAY LITURGY: Season: Easter 7 Date: May 26h 2007

Subject: wiiWorship Part 2




Procession Hymn: Before the Throne of God above D

Opening Acclamation Collect for Purity / General Confession / Absolution


Worship in Song Gloria (we praise your name) Klampert D

Beautiful One (Hughes) A

Everlasting God (Brown) A

Blessed be Your Name (Redman) A

Shout to the Lord A


Possible Special ________________________________________ ____


OT Reading


NT Reading

Gospel Procession Ancient Words E

Gospel Reading


Creed & Prayers

Offertory Great I am (Klampert) C



Sanctus Holy Holy (Knott) C


Mystery of Faith ________________________________________ ____

Our Father

By Your Grace (Klampert) Am/C
Only You (Crowder) C

Post Communion

Prayer/ Blessing

Recessional: Did you Feel the Mountains Tremble C

Ok don’t run for the hills…and yes this still is joel’s blog, but Vicky Beeching is not on this weeks list. AHHHHHHHH..  Enjoy…
What about you?

1. Hymns – Chris Oor & Matt Papa * What an amazing CD. I ordered this one and his solo CD also…wow

2. Celtic Worship – Live from Ireland – Doerkson, Mark, Heaslip * I haven’t been on the celtic train in a long time…What a way to come back. Great worship

3. Everybreath You Take (the classics) – The Police * You can’t go wrong with Sting

4. Holding Nothing Back – Tim Hughes * I got this the other day…fantastic…Ill have a review up soon

5. In a Word – Yes (5 disk box set) * All time greatest band. Steve Howe is a genius

ipod headphones

Most of you have seen my master list, which will be getting an update in the next week, and if you haven’t…download it. I made that after watching a worship leader video with Paul Baloche and it has become and invaluable resource to me in my weekly planning.

If you have downloaded it and are using it or some form of it I would love to know. 

I do however have a few problems that I would like some feedback on:

  1. Ive got at least 400 CD’s and I am constantly learning new music for church. The problem is carrying around that many CD’s. How many of you are using Ipod’s to organize the music you are using in church?
  2. I have about 200 songs in my master list…more are being learned everyday the list is updated with new songs all the time and songs are taken off the list. The issue is with all the sheet music I have. Yes they are in binders and then they get messed up and stolen. lol. I’ve been thinking about taking every song I have and putting them into a large word file or pdf. that I can have on my laptop. There are foot switches for PDf page transition where it will turn pages and your laptop becomes your sheet music in church. There is also a digital music stand but that is pricey. I just have to figure something out cus that song book is getting heavy. What are you guys doing?
  3. My worship team is very dedicated but 95% of them dont listen to the music we do and don’t buy the CD’s. I know there are legal issues with giving people music, but I need them to learn them and can’t afford to buy 8 licenses for every song I own. What are you guys doing? are you putting them online on a private website?