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  • Goodbye Stef…..

    It is with great sadness I write this. My blog friend and AC180 comrad passed away on Sunday. You can read it here. He fought cancer so hard and we were with him and his family every step of the way. It is an odd thing having internet friends. I have reconciled with myself however […]

  • Thanks for praying for Stef

    Thanks for praying for stef. Here is an update from his wife…Wow our God is amazing “Hi, it’s Sandi filling in for Stef– Wow! What a day this has been. Actually, what a journey these past three months have been. We have been awaiting this day for some time now. We waited with both fear […]

  • Pray for Stef….NOW! (day of prayer)

    If you read my blog then you know my blogging buddy at AC180 has cancer. He is going into major surgery today. He needs everybody to prayer for him. Pray for his imediate healing. Pray for his wife and kids. Pray for a miracle. Just pray. Put this pic on your fridge and write on […]