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Do you find yourself distracted during dinner because you want to see your hits for the day?

Do you put off using the bathroom because you are playing with technorati?

Do you click other peoples sitemeter buttons to make yourself feel better?

etc etc etc

Of course there is more, but when you start blogging you think “wow…3 people are reading my blog…woot” and then it becomes as addictive as crack. Thats right you move on to the hard stuff. Google Analytics, technorati, top blog area etc. And then you realize you can not function without looking at stats ALL DAY. and making sure people subscribe to you all the time.

Hi my name is Joel…and…I am a stat ho….

So with that out of the way…it’s that time again.

Am I linking to you? are you linking to me? if not lets fix that. Let me know you read this crazy site. and I’ll add you to the blogroll. Also get yourself a reader and click that GIANT red button on the side and subscribe to my feed. Thats called Link love. ah yeah!

And if you are a stat ho. join my club by using this logo below. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

To all my faithful readers, interactive readers, and random passer byers…CECWorship hit 75,000 hits this weekend. Thanks for everything and lets crack the 100k mark soon.

If you read this blog and I don’t know it…say hi…I don’t bite.. ….often

Stats and info

November 5, 2007 — Leave a comment

Oct was a great month with almost 8,000 hits…

here are the top 20 posts for Oct: if you missed some..go back and check them out

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