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  • Healer updates: pastor mike told to go to police

    here is a new article on the healer story also I hope there will be an outpouring of grace for this broken man. Go join the prayer group for him on facebook. God is a God of grace, goodness, mercy, and healing.

  • Healer Thoughts: Now what?

    Yesterday the news leaked that the story of the song “healer” from the new Hillsong, THis is our God CD, was fiction. The news rocked my reader and I posted the announcement as well. Since then the web has blown out, the post has recieved a ton of traffic and about 10 of us (cool […]

  • Mckinnon Christmas Sale

    My buddy Fred sent me a note telling me his acclaimed CD and DVD are going on sale for Christmas. I bought 6 sets. How many have you bought? And why not? “It’s clearance time. As I mentioned on my blog a few days ago, I’ve decided to clear the shelves of the “Worship Under […]