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The Joint: Matt McCoy

April 24, 2009 — 4 Comments

Review: Matt McCoy – Raise the Flag Again

This CD can be purchased/listened to at:

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In an effort to continually break the mold in some things a few of us will be starting something new on the blogs.

It’s called “the joint”

Trust me you will like this…and if you don’t well…hmm…thats not really an option.

It’s coming soon (as in starting this week) on :
Live to Worship

You will most likely love this so much that you will need to blog about it and make bumper stickers, maybe a mug, or at least tattoo it on your bum…so here are some graphics you can grab to use.

New Videos and an Original

January 9, 2008 — 4 Comments

So a little while back my buddy SnowJunkie covered my song By Your Grace. I was and still am proud and honored to have a guy that good sing one of my songs.

I have been reluctant to post my original version of it because Snowjunk just out rocks me. Here it is folks. Even done on my Parker (just to try to pass him in the cool factor. lol)

By Your Grace: Joel Klampert and Patti Stanton


then I got the urge to do some covers.

like Say so in the last post and…

Open the Eyes of My Heart: Paul Baloche (if any body wants the tab for the way I do it let me know)


Above All Else: Vicky Beeching


Well I hope you liked them. hit me up with some feedback and make sure you subscribe to the feed on this site and the Youtube channel.

Check it out guys. Snowjunkie covered one of my songs. This man is an awesome singer and I am not only honored by officially stoked to have him doing it. I do it a little different and it’s just great having his version of it.

original mp3


Lyrics below>and let me know if anybody wants the chart like the other songs Continue Reading…