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I really loved the set this week. The processional was a very different sounding hymn, but has a great feel to it.
everything else went great.


What Wondrous Love is This – Red Letter arrangement

Glory to God – Fee/Beeching
Marvelous Light – Hall
Came to my Rescue – Just did the bridge as a Vamp
Mighty To Save – Rueben
Canons – Wickham

Here I am to Worship – Hughes

Amazed – Anderson

All Because of Jesus – Fee

-as always this is part of the wonderful carnival designated Sunday Setlists-

First week of Advent

December 1, 2008 — 4 Comments

As always this is part of the wonderful carnival of joy!

This weeks set was for the first week of advent so no gloria his week and candles in full effect.

Before the Throne Of God Above

Holy – Brenton Brown
Hungry – Kathryn Scott
Nothing Without You – Bebo Norman

Sweetly broken – Jeremy Riddle
You are Good – Kari Jobe

O Taste and See – Brian and Jenn Johnson

Part of all that is fred carnival.

Rushing Wind

Here is my King – crowder
Your Grace is Enough – Maher
You are Good – Kari Jobe

You Amaze Me – Michael Neale

Lead Me to the Cross – Brooke Fraser
Great I AM – Klampert/Theis

More than Ever – Robbie Reider

Great stuff this week. Killer set and I loved ever minute of it. I absolutly love playing the Kari Jobe stuff.

Interesting week though. Last week sermon was basically about getting out of apathy and stop praying and do something.

This week, after much prayer and leaders meetings, it was announced that our Church would be moving.

God told us that we need to move and when we made that clear to the people we have been renting to for something like 10 years that God would open up the flood gates. So we called them last week and told them we would be out by Jan 1. Then in prayer this last wed night God gave my dad (the pastor) a vision of an operation and a cloudy thing being pulled out of an eye. Then he had some pain in his right eye, opened it and could see the clock across the room without his glasses. He could onloy see out of his right eye. God healed him to show him a few things. first to show that he is making the way clear and also to show he is still the God of healing.

Sunday morning we made the announcement that our small church is moving and that God is gonna do huge things. We don’t even know where we are going yet. We aso, because God told us to,  handed out small viles of oil so our people could pray over thier families and friends and pray for healing.

I made an announcement that our evening service would go from once a month to twice a month and something wild happened too…….to be continued in the next post

Set List Carnival of JOY

September 15, 2008 — 7 Comments

Yes folks it’s time for another setlist. In conjunction with the Great Mckinnon

I am Yours – Michael Neale

Shout Your Fame – Natasha Beddingfield
Famous One – Tomlin
Holy God – Brian Doerksen

You Are Good – Kari Jobe

Sweetly Broken – Jeremy Riddle
Beautiful Jesus – Kristian Stanfill

You Never Let Go – Redman

It was a pretty Good this last week thanks to my sponsor RICOLA. Yes I heard the sweedish highlander as well. Even though I was sick God made it so I could sing without dieing. It was a great set this week and the teaching was on stop praying and do something. We are to tell people the good news….NOW!

Great stuff. For me the highlight was the Kari Jobe song. I love that one. It is amazing.

This is a part of the SWEET blog carnival

In Christ Alone – Hymn

Be Glorified – Klampert
O Taste and See – Brian and Jenn Johnson
Marvelous Light w/tag – Charlie Hall
Nothing without You – Bebo Norman

I will Lift my eyes – Bebo Norman

Center – Charlie Hall
Hosanna – Brooke Fraser/United

I am a friend of God – Israel

Interesting week. On saturday night my dad (the pastor) decided to go to the hospital with chest pain. They did tests and everything came back normal. They decided to keep him for 2 extra days just to be sure. This meant we needed to scramble for a teaching. We pulled it together and had a good message. The worship was good as well, but something is sure in the air.

We are never people to call everything bad an attack…actually we don’t even do it very often, but this was definatly one. My dads sermon was a big one. It is part of some of the things I have been writing on the blog. About action, thinking big and moving forward. I am pretty sure satan does not want us thinking this way. As a mater of fact when I led youth group that evening I had this odd feeling. It was an odd night. It seemed most were not paying attention. Like we were being distracted and our focus was turning away from kingdom things. I addressed it and then went home kinda irritated. I walked away thinking..what the heck is going on here. I prayed about it and realized. God is ready to rock this place. Whenever God wants to do something big and we profess that we are going to do it as well then we are bound to get attacked. My answer…