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Just ordered new shoes because My Nike zoom triax were killing my feet. I got an insane deal on them. The word on the street is these are perfect for big dudes with my specific issues. Praying I will be able to run pain free with these suckers!

I have always wanted to be a runner. Something about running is so enticing to me, but I have never been able to do it.

I used to play basketball in Highschool and everything was sprinting. I wasn’t super fast, but I was able to do it. Later on in life I jumped into racquetball head first and got real good at it. I play competitions and sometimes 5-6 hours a week. Once again though it was all short quick bursts.

Get me on a track or a treadmill and I am only good for those short bursts. I am not a skinny guy, but what I have noticed happening is I was getting knee and shin pain well before my lungs gave out. This honestly was disturbing and discouraged me from doing cardio. The problem is I need to do cardio because I need to lose weight.

I recently spoke to a friend of mine, Russell (mudpuppy), who has been running the last few years and discovering things about himself and God. I told him I want the same thing and through our discussion I learned that the pricey sneakers I bought are compensating for the issues in my flat feet, but are aggravating the issues I have with my knees due to the way I run. This sounds very simple, but it wasn’t. It turns out my feet while running are pronating differently than most people with flat feet.

Long story short I can’t wait to buy new shoes. I have for a long time longed to be able to run. I know that it will take time before I am even able to do a mile without dying, but I am glad that for the first time ever it will be my lungs that tire before my knees.

Updates to come…..