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  • Blister Soul – Vigilantes of Love

    [RSS READERS OPEN TO SEE VIDEO] Blister soul is one of those classic songs in the Christian music world that never got any recognition. Check this out and then go get every Vigilantes of Love CD you can find!

  • Top 25 on my itunes right now

    How about you? Any of those on your list this month

  • Worth Dying For CD release

    It’s almost here…I told you it would rock your world. So make sure you pick this one up tomorrow.

  • Leeland: Opposite Way CD review

    Leeland: Opposite Way In 2006 the 5 piece Texas based band released thier first CD Sound of Melodies. It was a great CD drawing obviously on influences from Keane, Coldplay, and U2. There were a few really amazing stand out songs and I knew these guys could be amazing, but I didn’t find myself wanting […]

  • Worth Dying For: CD Review

    Worth Dying For: release date April 15th, 2008 I got an advance release of a new band called Worth Dying For a few weeks ago. Before I get into the review let me preface that I was not paid off to like this CD as much as I do. I literally can’t stop listening to […]