• JVO and re:create

    Last year I was privileged to attend re:create in Nashville, TN. It was one of the only conferences that I have ever been to that had me thinking, questioning praying, wondering etc etc. They call it an unconference and that is honestly the best description. I was determined to go this year but the economy […]

  • #recreate – Steve Fee: fee band

    At Re:create this year I had the privaledge of hearing and worshiping with the fee band on the last day. They were fantastic. They even did a new song that they wrote that day. I have video of it, but I have a good feeling I’d totally get sued if I put it on youtube. […]

  • It has come to my attention…

    It has come to my attention that some people were not happy with some of the language I used in some of my posts this week. I have edited the posts and taken the words out. It is hard to express context within typing. If you read in RSS ignore them 🙂 I want to […]

  • #recreate Randy Elrod..UGH!

    I honestly did’nt know what to expect from this man, but oh..this man just wrecked me…I have a ton to process right now..but you HAVE to read all of this NOW!! Randy Elrod: Left Peoples church in 2006 Full time at a church at age 18 “The curse of the blessings of God” Job 1:10–11 […]

  • #recreate Matthew Ward

    Matthew Ward came to Recreate on a whim just to see what it was all about and to meet some new people. He was not scheduled to sing, but they had a great time of honoring our Christian Music heritage and asked him to sing something. Here is what he sang. Matthew Ward at Recreate: […]