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JVO and re:create

January 22, 2010 — Leave a comment

Last year I was privileged to attend re:create in Nashville, TN. It was one of the only conferences that I have ever been to that had me thinking, questioning praying, wondering etc etc. They call it an unconference and that is honestly the best description.

I was determined to go this year but the economy changed that. Another thing that changed that was the birth of my daughter in Sept. Thank God I had some money stored away for my wife to be able to take a maternity leave.

There are 1000 reasons why I am disappointed I can’t go this year. It’s the 10th Anniversary, tons of my friends are going and I would love to see them (some things are making up for that…I’ll post on that later), great networking etc etc…

One of the reasons is not being able to glean from John Voelz. I got to do some comic book art for his church last year and let me tell you he may be one of the most creative people I have met. God is using this guy to “create” out of the box things. His videos, as an example, are brilliant.

To all my re:create pals I met last year: I am sorry I can’t make it, but I WILL be there next year!
To all who have never heard about John Voelz…Time to get aquainted!

At Re:create this year I had the privaledge of hearing and worshiping with the fee band on the last day. They were fantastic. They even did a new song that they wrote that day. I have video of it, but I have a good feeling I’d totally get sued if I put it on youtube. That wont stop me from introducing it at the church though. ha ha.

I’m in the video here, but besides me you’ll see in the video:
Randy Elrod
Alastair Vance
Carlos Whittaker
Fred Mckinnon
HT: Brody

It has come to my attention that some people were not happy with some of the language I used in some of my posts this week.

I have edited the posts and taken the words out. It is hard to express context within typing.

If you read in RSS ignore them 🙂

I want to make sure my readers eralize how important the truths inthe last few posts are..please realize that the truths surpass the verbage and I want the truth to impact your life like it has mine.

#recreate Randy Elrod..UGH!

February 4, 2009 — 4 Comments

I honestly did’nt know what to expect from this man, but oh..this man just wrecked me…I have a ton to process right now..but you HAVE to read all of this NOW!!

Randy Elrod:

Left Peoples church in 2006

Full time at a church at age 18

“The curse of the blessings of God”

Job 1:10–11
Ephesians 6

When you have blessed your entire life and never have had to apply the scriptures you have a realization of the curses of the blessings of God

To survive in ministry we ned to understand the blessings of God

Blessing of anointing :
Sign of sanctification or consecration
Aaron, Moses, Rahab, Saul, David
Murderer, traitor, prostitute
Church is not hiring people who fit into that category
Anointing..remain in “Him”

Great success and horrible failure
Man after God’s own heart
Psalm 51: “restore to me the joy of my salvation and grant me a willing spirit to sustain me”

Curse= We think anointing means protection & forever..actually means marked and vulnerable”

Blessing of Charisma:
Ability to make someone feel intimate in a non intimate space
At its best is a function for your own success
allows you to be generous of self expression
Gary Mcintosh “darkness of leadership”

May be large group Charisma and small group charisma

Obama picked stanley and warren to pray because they are like him.

curse= We think charisma means leader and friend . It actually means communicator and ego

Blessing of the Herald:
Tells of things to come..first hint
early adopter, dreamer, visionary, prophet
risk is not an option
no fine line between carpe diem and who gives…
Life on the bleeding edge – When you are a herald you bleed
always chasing next big thing

Cure= we think it means passion and fun, but reality is it means restlessness and misunderstanding

Blessing of Technology:
Technology is great but there is something for being in person
Be where you are
Twitter has changed everything
We live vicariously through each others lives on the internet
We don’t live in real world because we are afraid we will miss something in the virtual world

Curse: We think it means reality and freedom, but really means artificial and monopolizing

The “fake” people worship the ground you walk on
but those same people will shoot you down if you screw up.

so who is real with us?

during intense times you NEED real people
Somebody who wont give you spiritual answers but will just live life with you.

Blessing of Leadership:
Alone sums it up
Surrounded but alone
Satan’s primary job is not keeping good men from the truth, but keeping good men WITH the truth from each other
Leaders are afraid and alone
You can sacrifice your family on the “Altar of Ministry”

Mega Church is huge …not like ever before
Every 7 days we have a chance to impact more people than any body else
Time will tell what kind of damage this responsibility will have on us

Curse = We think leaders are perfect and satisfied. Reality is they are fallible and hungry

Blessing of Influence:
Not just about art and leadership but the ripple effect that should be hoped for
Influence the influencers
Someone who makes you feel better than when you came
Make you feel genuinely cared for

“the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others” Dictionary
We are not called to change the world but called to create culture
“I’m glad about the success but its the ripple effect I’m hoping for” Don Henley

Curse= we think it means quantity in change but means quality and creativity

*Choose cynicism and burnout or influencing influencers

As for me I choose to serve the Lord!

#recreate Matthew Ward

February 4, 2009 — 2 Comments

Matthew Ward came to Recreate on a whim just to see what it was all about and to meet some new people. He was not scheduled to sing, but they had a great time of honoring our Christian Music heritage and asked him to sing something. Here is what he sang.

Matthew Ward at Recreate: The Lord’s Prayer from Joel Klampert on Vimeo.