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  • Believe

    It’s seems in this day …that is 2007 we don’t see too many miracles if any. When I did mission work over seas I saw them all the time. I think we have become complacent and the church does not rely on Christ as much as we should. We have so much that entangles us […]

  • A what the heck kinda week

    A friend of mine from the blog world is going through a real hard time (this doesn’t even begin to describe it). Last week it was business as usual and this week the blogsphere that I have grown to love is now in an upheaval because A brother is in serious trouble. At this point […]

  • Jesus was Pierced too

    An ad I designed for our church is causing quite a discussion. What are your thoughts on this ad? see it here http://www.churchmarketingsucks.com/archives/2007/05/church_marketin_33.html and here  http://www.flickr.com/photos/roodgraphics/489959914/

  • AC 180 Articles

    Thought I’d post a link to some of the articles of put on Ac180.com. http://ac180.com/archives/category/joel-klampert/

  • AC180

    a new site AC180 I have been added as a contributer along with a few other great Christian men. below is the mission statement. Check it out. What you find on this blog are the writings, musings, thoughts and posts of men that have all done a complete 180. We’re not perfect. Matter of fact, […]