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  • Pete Wilson “empty promises” book review

    I am a huge fan of Pete Wilson as a pastor, blogger, parent and aquiantence. Pretty much anything he says I want to hear. I read his first book “plan B” three times and am currently discussing it in my churches small group. Because of this when I received an advance copy of “empty promises” […]

  • Plan B by Pete Wilson Book Review

    Plan B By: Pete Wilson What Do You Do When God DoesnÂ’t Show Up the Way You Thought He Would?… Where do I even begin with this book. It showed up in my mailbox at just the perfect time when I was questioning what in the world God was doing. As a matter of fact […]

  • Pray for Pete Wilson’s Friends

    It seems like it’s bad news after bad news, but another person needs your prayer today for the death of a child. This family has already been through tragedy recently with another death. My heart aches for all of the recent stories of loss. I have very little to say, but God please have mercy […]