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  • Movie reviews: Kingsman, The Imitation game, Jupiter Ascending

    In the last two weeks I have had the opportunity to sit in a theater to watch 3 different films… Here are my reviews of each: KINGSMAN: SECRET SERVICE: I was invited to see this flick by a buddy of mine and I went in blind because I had not even seen a trailer of […]

  • My must own movie list

    Today a friend of mine asked me this question: “I’m trying to rebuild my DVD collection. What are your top must own DVD’s?” It made me think… First off, to me a “Must own” is one I am personally willing to watch over and over again and enjoy it just as much as the first […]

  • Would you watch this film?

    Here is the Film caption… “In a world where kings and empires rise and fall, where fantasy becomes reality, where armies are slaughtered for thier beliefs, where rulers are disemboweled on toilets, where sex and passion are in the open….there stands one man willing to change it all…… This summer embark on a journey from […]

  • Wolverine Origins Trailer

    Finally! Woverine Origins is coming out. I have been waiting for this movie FOREVER! I read the graphic novel a long time ago and imagined it as a movie, but never thought it would happen. Here it is… RSS READERS VIDEO EMBEDED…OPEN AN WATCH!

  • The Watchmen: I’ve been waiting forever!

    I want you to read this and get a good mental picture. The year is 1992. My friend Jon and I are both huge comic book fans and are trying to break into the industry as artists and writers. Somehow we met an industry pro who just become a “christian”. So we are sitting in […]