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  • Amazing worship and ministry search engine

    So I am reading stuff on the net and I come to find out about what is called Google Co-op and a custom search engine. Turns out you can create your own search engine and have google only search what you want to search. cool huh?  I think so and I jumped on that one […]

  • Top 5 CD’s of the week (May 21st)

    It’s monday and it’s that time again…woo hoo. What are your top played Cd’s this week 1. More than Ever – Vineyard Robbie Reider really kicks it on this CD 2. Hymns – Matt Papa Chris coor 3. Here in America – Rich Mullins Just got this with DVD 4. Porch and Altar – Charlie […]

  • Top 5 CD’s of the week (May 14th)

    It’s Monday and it’s that time again. What is on your list 1. Holy God – Brian Doerksen This Cd is absolutely amazing. We are going to be down 3 or 4 songs from it in church. 2. Hymns – Matt Papa and Chris Oor WOW! I bought both matt papa CD’s last week and […]

  • Top 5 CD’s of the week (May 6th)

    Ok don’t run for the hills…and yes this still is joel’s blog, but Vicky Beeching is not on this weeks list. AHHHHHHHH..  Enjoy… What about you? 1. Hymns – Chris Oor & Matt Papa * What an amazing CD. I ordered this one and his solo CD also…wow 2. Celtic Worship – Live from Ireland […]