Tag: Marriage

  • Gut punch

    “When your spouse can’t see Christ in you, it matters little what others think they can see.” -Carey Nieuwhof

  • This is Your Brain in Love: book review

    I received another book from the Thomas Nelson Booksneeze program. This one is called “This is Your Brain In Love” by Dr. Earl Henslin. I have been married for over 12 years now so anything I can read about how to keep passion going, how to fix communication or how to realize how many issues […]

  • Forget the planet: Why be a Mormon?

    So if you are married you know that it takes work and sometimes isn’t easy…mostly cus women are nuts and guys are dumb. Ha ha. With knowing this and dealing with it why the heck would anybody want to be a Mormon? Yes they get thier own planet in the after life and that is […]