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  • Sara Groves: Compelled

    Sarah Groves: Compelled What a relief it is to know I’m a slave to Christ Of all the masters I have known I’m compelled to live this life Free for you I’m on the other side of something I’m on the other side of something I have a new hope that blows away The small […]

  • Hallelujah Love Song

    Due to requests here is the chords and lyrics to the song below…Let e know if you use it…cus I’m hoping people do. Expect more soon Hallelujah Love Song: by Joel Klampert and Debbie Hanlon Added: the mp3 file ..this is a different recording of it so compare the two [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMhPFxQJxZ8]

  • almost

    I’m almost done with my confessional for this week… I’ve got some stuff to tide you over though. Also a question: Is anybody here interested in design resources and tutorials and how to apply them to church? Lessons in not sucking Archive of misheard lyrics For brent, mudpuppy and other mullet(ed) people Dr. Labberton (dangerous […]