Tag: leadership

  • Leadership lessons from the trail

    I was doing some internet strolling this past week while in prayer and thinking about ministry leading and I kept getting this picture of a trail guide. Once that was in my brain I did a little searching and came across an article on WikiHow called “How to lead a nature walk“. I found it […]

  • Leadership training comes from honesty

    I am privileged to be a part of an underground society if you will. Think of it as the dead poets society without poetry. It’s called “the forge” and it is a group of men from different churches in the area who meet monthly. The men in this group are all leaders and also should […]

  • Cosby Wisdom

    This is a quote from Bill Cosby. It can be applied to how we do church as well. Bill Cosby said: “He didn’t know the secret to success, but the secret to failure was trying to please everyone.”

  • Cut the crap: focus on Him

    I was talking to a friend’s wife the other day and God smacked me in the head. She was asking me how I am able to write music and then put it up on the net and not be unselfconscious about it. She is a worship leader as well and has hundreds of song that […]