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It has been like Christmas around here with all of the giveaways and I LOVE IT…

RUSS HUTTO wins: Israel Houghton’s new CD “the power of one”

Louis Tagliaboschi wins: Emily Schiavi’s Debut CD

Congrats guys!

and keep coming back to the joint to hear about music you may have never heard before…support the artists and win some swag.

in random order…my top 5 for the week

1. Isreal Houghton and the new breed – deeper well (say so song ROCKS your face off)

2. DC*B – Remedy

3. Michael Neale – No greater audience (this might be on par to beat vicky beeching for most times on this list)

4. Sara Groves – Add to the Beauty

5 Counting Crowes – August and everything (one of the best…classic greatness)