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  • An interview with David Santisteven: Allison Park Worship new album

    I started blogging in 2006 and hit the ground running for equipping and training worship people and then leaders in general. I have to say it is not easy keeping up steam and after a long 6 month hiatus I wanted to bring back the blog with an interview with a worship leader friend of […]

  • Interview on The Worship Journals

    Last week another site interviewed me. They had me answer 5 Questions on worship and I had a blast answering them. Based on the comments it looks like I had some interesting things to say so go check it out and give that great site some love. GO HERE!

  • Klampert: interview part2

    Part 2 of my interview is up…go check it out. Thanks again to Jeff Miller. This was a ton of fun.

  • Klampert: interviewed @ Consuming Worship

    A wonderful worship blogger name Jeff Miller interviewed me at his Blog Consuming Worship. It was a great interview and a ton of fun thinking about the stuff he asked me about. Go read it and give the guy some link love/comments. This week is part one. Part two will be up next week.