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Before I write a review on this CD I want to publicly come on record with an apology to the worship community at large and Rita Springer. Rita has been one of the great worship leaders of our time and prolific writer as well. Some reason I wrote her off years ago by just not listening to her music even though people around me raved about her. Somewhere along the way I put my head under a rock prematurely.

It is interesting because a worship leader who also plays bass with me at a multi-church prayer meeting told me a month ago that he was going to new jersey to play bass for Rita. That same week Integrity sent me her new CD to review. Was it a sign? I don’t know, but I pulled it out of drop box and ignored the possible sign.

Finally my thick head said listen to that thing and I complied with it’s command.

What i heard was the first track “Come in”. A brilliant and rich call to worship. It starts off slow and then ushers in the Holy spirit with such amazing power. You can hear here screaming out… crying out for God. I was instantly hooked and at the same time kicking myself for taking so long to become a Rita fan.

The next track “in this forever” along with a few others have sonic nuances reminiscent of Jenn Johnson and Vicky Beaching. She has such beautiful vocals that are so versatile and more accomplished than most of the worship leaders out there.

“Make You Happy” reminds me so much of Christy Nockels Watermark CD’s, but amped up. It is such a well written song.

One of my favorite tracks is “I call You”. Which is so full of lyrics that glorify God. I can see using this song right away in my services.

Just when you think you have pegged Rita’s sound you are handed “Made for this” which sounds like what if Joss Stone, Kim Walker and Mellissa Etheridge had a baby. Rita just belts out from her soul and you know in your “knower” that she believes what she is singing.

The whole CD is capped off with a brilliant song “this blood” which has a johnny cash/Hymn type of feel.

Ultimately from first listen there was not a song on this CD I did not like. It is a must buy.

There is nothing better than a “believable” worship leader. Nothing better than listening to somebody who is obviously not just going through the motions and then worshiping right along side them.

I am a fan of Rita Springer and so glad to have this CD.

I have been a “HUGE” fan of Vicky Beeching since the Hungry CD from Vineyard. She is a brilliant songwriter and amazing lyricist. On top of that her theology is pretty spot on.

On Feb 16th, in anticipation of her new CD coming out later this year, Vicky and integrity music will be releasing a 3 song EP.

I am stoked to be able to offer the chance for you to hear the songs first on my blog and two others listed below.

I promise integrity did not pay me to say this, but I think I got the best of the 3 songs to preview and I can’t wait to do this one in my church!


UPDATE: we have been asked to shorten the song to a 30sec clip. For those who heard it before I switched…Count yourself AWESOME!

What’s that? you love it and want the chord chart?

Words & Music by: Vicky Beeching , Sarah MacIntosh

Deliverer, come set me free
Break every chain holding me
Deliverer, come have Your way
I surrender to Your rule and reign

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom
Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is healing

You say the word and mountains are moved
Oceans and stars stand in awe of You
Just say the word, I will be changed
We’ll see Your face and we will not be the same, ‘cause

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom
Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is hope
Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is healing

And Your blood is enough to break every chain (8X)
Every chain, every chain

© 2010 Integrity Worship Music and Thankyou Music (adm worldwide by EMI CMG Publishing, excluding Europe, which is administered by c/o Integrity Media, Inc., 1000 Cody Road, Mobile, AL 36695 and EMI CMG Publishing, Inc., PO Box 5085, Brentwood, TN 37024 All rights reserved. Used by Permission. CCLI#5657498

Looking for more info on Vicky Beeching? Here are a few places to start –

You can hear the other two songs from Vicky’s EP over the next couple of days at these two blogs –

Monday, February 8 –
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Tomorrow on THE JOINT we will be reviewing another CD.

We will also be giving away, thanks to Integrity, a Digital Songbook for the new Cd from Kari Jobe.

How do you enter to win? Well I’m glad you asked. Just comment on tomorrows THE JOINT review post on any of the 3 blogs below and you will be entered to win this awesome prize.

Tomorrow check out the new THE JOINT review on:

CD-ROM Digital Songbook includes the following (for each song, see song list below):
* OHT (Overhead Transparency) PDF files
* Lead Sheets
* Pro Charts (Chord Charts)
* RTF (Rich Text Files for importing into projection programs)

NOTE: The CD-ROM Digital Songbook includes printable music only, does not include audio recordings.

Songs included

  1. I’m Singing
  2. Healer
  3. Everyone Needs A Little
  4. Joyfully
  5. Beautiful
  6. My Beloved
  7. Singing Over Me
  8. No Sweeter Name
  9. Be Still
  10. Sweep Me Away
  11. Revelation Song
  12. You Are For Me

Kari Jobe – I’m Singing

February 10, 2009 — 3 Comments

I have been listening to a pre-release of Kari Jobe’s new CD all week and I have a review coming this week.

The CD comes out today. Let me tell you this…You do not need to wait for the review. BUY IT! All the cool kids are.

Ok so the moment we have all been waiting for is here. It is time for the ultimate link love recovery contest.


Simple. I moved my site from CECWorship recently and noticed that because it was on it came with a share of problems trying to move RSS over. Most of my readers were not using the feedburner feed and I could not transfer them over so I went from 125 readers to 10. Not much community like that. Then on top of all that my technorati rating went down to 0 (yes I am a stat ho and proud of it). So I want to get the community back to where it was quick because I have some great stuff I will be writing about soon.


This will be an # entry based contest all plugged into so that means You get your name in hat once or twice depending on what you do. This is a bloggers contest.

There are 3 tiers if you will.

  • 1 entry if: you change your link on your blogroll, already have changed it, or add my to your blogroll (of course I will add you to mine if it isn’t already.
  • 2 entries if:  you do the above plus subscribe to my new feed
  • Big daddy!: If you do all the above and also do a small (or long) post announcing my sites move and that you like me (ha ha) you automatically get put into a different contest for grand prize only.

So once you have done any of these or already have before contest started post in the comments on this post what tier: 1, 2, big daddy you have accomplished and a link to your site. MAKE SURE YOUR LINK IS ATTACHED TO AN EMAIL SO I CAN CONTACT YOU FOR YOUR ADDRESS.


Thanks to my friends at Integrity Music I have some amazing giveaways!

for stage 1 and 2: 4 winners will be chosen at random to recieve everything listed below!

Lincoln CD/digital songbook pack (Today is the Day)
Kathryn CD/digital songbook pack (I Belong)
Hillsong (This Is Our God) digital songbook.

For the Big Daddy Prize chosen at random for those in that category only:

Receive all of what the stage 1 and 2 winners get plus….
Joy Whitlock CD (God and A Girl)
Paul Baloche – Music Theory Made Easy DVD


This contest ends Friday Nov 7th. Winners will be announced Mon Nov 10th

There it is folks…spread the word…yeah there are amazing prizes and fun to be had, but most of all I get to build up the community I had plus get ot meet some new people or have some new reads enriching my life.
Just to let you know also to encourage RSS subscribing. If you thought my old blog was cool it’s about to get way awesomer (yes that is a word today).

If I have missed something or something makes no sense to you and is like in Klingon let me know.

note: if you already get integrity materials (fred mckinnon) feel free to do all the above anyway you just are not in the running for the prizes.