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It all started when I read Mark Batterson’s book “In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day“. Why did I pick up that book? My real reason was because the title was SO long and I needed to see why somebody would use a crazy title like that.

From the minute I opened the cover I was sucked into the black hole of Batterson’s mind. An entire book on one tiny verse that frankly nobody knew was even in the bible. I don’t even know if The author of 2 Samuel knew it existed. So there it is in plain text the greatness of God in the most simplest of forms. I started to realize that I had God in a box and that my fears were keeping Him there. I finished the book and then read it again. Then I brought the book and video teachings to my worship team. Then I got the study guide and taught it to my youth group. Then we showed the videos for our churches mens group. This all spurred on some big thoughts in my head. I ended up posting on my Godbox thoughts 1 and 2. This book challenged me like no other book had. EVER. I found my head reeling from it. Quite honestly I didn’t know where to go from there. I was at a crossroads. Almost in a state of shock and limbo.

Enter Mancation. So everybody saw my posts on my recent mancation. You saw my reasons for wanting focus and to renew myself in God.

Focus didn’t happen and nither did I get a feeling of being renewed.

I got home and said to the guys I went with ” WHAT THE HECK!” I was sure something would break. I was sure that this cloud looming over me would have disappeared.

I talked to the guys more about this and they all said they had the same feeling. A feeling of almost being more pissed off and not content with the way things are.

So what do you do with that. Well I went and bought Mark’s new book “Wild Goose Chase“. The tag line was “Reclaim the adventure of pursuing God”. Sounded good to me and I was in need of another butt kicking. Maybe this book would tie up the loose ends.

Mark says that understanding your passion and reclaiming that sense of adventure can be related to being in another location. Simple term. Get away and find what your missing. Mancation. I don’t know Mark, but I’m pretty sure he knew I was going on that trip. The more and more I read I realized that this book like his last was ripping me to shreds.

I will go more into this later and how this applies to some HUGE GOD SIZED dreams. This is why I say Mark Batterson sucks.  Because he wrote 2 books that have rocked my world, changed me forever, and got me off my spiritual duff. It’s kind of like when somebody gives you an amazing gift and you tell them…I can’t accept that…they insist…My first answer to that is “dude you suck” and then “THANK YOU”

So to Mark Batterson my second reply to him is “Thank You“. Thank you for tieing the loose ends. Thank you for making my brain and heart hurt. Thanks you for teaching me to stop making excuses for my God Sized goals and to get out of my Christian cage and change to world.

2007 a year of greatness

January 3, 2008 — 4 Comments

2007 was a fantastic year…

My kids grew older and they were so fun.. They got really into music and all my toys.

We had another baby boy

Our church did some awesome stuff and really developed itself in it’s worship, youth, mens and womens areas.

CECWorship became a place for connecting worship leaders and I was honored to become friends with so many of you.
It also connect people in my own denomination giving us even more resources as a church.

It was a great reading year. I read close to 30 books this year and Had a blast doing it.
2 of the best were:
In a pit with a lion on a snowy day – Mark Batterson
A Dangerous Act of Worship – Mark Laberton
Both are must reads

It was also a killer year for new music
Sara Groves
Steve Fee
Michael Neale
David Crowder Band
Paul Baloche
Vineyard Music
Mute Math

Just to name a few….

Most of all it has been a great year for God..
He has done a great work in me and is constantly honing my gifts for him.

Thanks everybody for making theis blog a crazy success.

2008 is here and CECWorship is gonna knock your socks off!


What the wednesday

October 30, 2007 — 4 Comments

It has been one eventful weekend to say the least…after my little hiatus from bloggin (and letting billy chia get ahead of me in the world of top blogs for the week) I am officially back with this weeks What the Wednesday.

1. If you don’t know why I was gone for a little…it’s because we had our third son on Sunday. His name is Gavin Mitchell…and we are stoked. My wife, kelly came home today and things are almost back to normal..well with an extra mouth to feed.

2. A few posts back I did a quick review of the new book “jim and casper go to church” . I got an interesting comment from a woman named Helen which directed me to the blog for the book and the concept behind it. . On the front page it said “joel is unimpressed with the book” and i said to myself…”What the!?” sure enough it was a blurb from my review and a comment from Helen (one of the organizers of the site) . she had some back and forth banter with brent on my blog and I jumped in with my thoughts as well…then Matt Casper coauthor of the book had some thoughts to add. All in all a very interesting conversation…
Here is the thing…I still stand by my thoughts on the book…But you will notice I also said you should read it…so read it…there is some interesting insights and thoughts on how we as Christians should be..and some are worth working on…But i want to add…read the comments in the post on my site and on Churchrater almost as an addendum to your reading. Let me know what you think…and if the discussions helped shape your thoughts

3. what are the motives for blogging…Ck answers the question

4. Killer video of opening for Hillsongs 2007 conference.

5. Tam says “don’t put God in a box

6. Mozilla Prism: being introduced with Firefox 3.0…very interesting stuff

7. In a pit with a lion discounted Case price  . Buy this one guys..>Im currently going through this one with my worship team…it is fantastic

There is much more…but this is what Ive got for you this week