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  • A feeling of unrest…

    I had a long conversation with a fellow youth pastor last night and realized that he and I are feeling the same way about things these days. It is very hard to see the big picture God has for you and the people you are working with. All we really can see is the “now”, […]

  • Keep your legs closed and eyes on God

    I was watching MTv the other day. Yes I do watch it from time to time and I will get to which shows I watch in another post. Any way while I am watching it a commercial comes on with PINK. This is not an exact quote because I can’t find a youtube video of […]

  • Ignite: Let me tell you about it.

    …Continued from previous post. So I don’t believe I have posted about our ignite service yet, so here we go. Our Ignite service is our evening service geared for ages 13-25 and has been once a month. We have everaged maybe 12-15 kids to it. Not a bad number considering our church is not a […]