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  • #recreate Ian Cron Tidbits

    We had Eucharist today with Ian and it was an experience none of us will ever forget. It was like family coming together in communion and it was amazing. Most of us are still shaked from today. Ian Morgan Cron – Wed Session Eucharist – Liturgy Some Great mystery happens here…we dare not articulate what. […]

  • #recreate – Ian Morgan Cron quote

    “If we don’t recover the western model of mysticism we will continue to lose people to the eastern model” Ian Morgan Cron UH…WOW!

  • #recreate – Ian Morgan Cron

    WOW…lets this stuff soak in.. Ian Morgan Cron All art is speaking in tongues Francis closeness to the trinity was birthed out of prayer He co-experienced life with God the beauty of his creation Every human transaction is God soaked Contemplative Spirituality came from the Desert Fathers All they did was pray and sought to […]