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Wanted to let you guys know about a few movies I saw recently.

Lets start with..


This is a killer movie and exactly what I was hoping for. Robert Downey Jr. was perfect for the role. I loved every minute of this movie and It goes into the catalogs as one of the top 5 comic book movies of all time.

It stayed true to the comic which was nice. Great humor, Good acting, and awesome action. This was not a campy movie. It was very realistic and not litered with a on of unbelievable CGI.

Iron Man is a must see.

5 out of 5 stars

The Incredible Hulk:

Did you see the first one they did a few years ago? I did and that’s why I was scared to go see this one. My brother took me out to it for fathers day so I thought what the heck it’s free. They say never judge a book by it’s cover. In this case don’t go into this movie thinking about the last one. The last movie was so CGI and crappy it deserved 1/2 stars and that is basically because it did have the hulk in it.

This movie sets itself apart. It was great. It had all the elements of the comic and finally had actors who could….ACT! And Hulk didn’t look cheesy and dumb. He was actually very cool looking and his movements were very realistic when he fought the abomination. There was also tony stark in it and so great teasers for the future marvel comics world of movies.

I don’t think there was much language in it and no visible sex. I think you need to see this one because it restores the hulk franchise.

It is like batman begins vs. batman forever. NUFF SAID

3.5 stars out of 5