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  • Justin Mcroberts: Bullhorn Theory

    This past sunday we had Recording artist and compassion speaker Justin McRoberts. It was an awesome time on Sunday morning. He also did a brilliant concert that evening as well. The man is a truly gifted songwriter with a sound that I remember from the 90’s and have missed. This song is brilliant. ENJOY!!

  • Be Glorified: New Song

    Here is a new song I wrote. There is a part in our Liturgy for the Gloria (see this post) Last year we wrote a song that was a rewrite of this and it was time for a new one so I wrote the one below. It is a simple liturgical song that is typically […]

  • My boys Rock!

    Music is in our family and my kids love to rock. How many other kids do you know at age two who are huge Steve Vai, Pettrucci, Keaggy, Robert Cray etc fans? Below we have my 7 year old rockin on his new telecaster. His hands are finally big enough to learn how to play […]

  • Paul Gilbert does insane classical

    make sure you go over to the actual youtube page because the charts are on there for this. [youtube=http://youtube.com/watch?v=o7ZnOZ5QNR4]

  • Phil Keaggy: Ebow Master

    I have an ebow plus and love it. I so wish I could even play 1/4 as good as this. [youtube=http://youtube.com/watch?v=wwq0i6jP7dQ]