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  • REFUGE/FORGECON interview

    WIN A FREE TICKET TO FORGECON & REFUGE: SEE BELOW It’s not the shortest video, but I promise it is a fun one. My friend Fred Mckinnon and I decided to do a joint interview about two different conferences each of us are planning. The Forge Conference & Refuge Watch the video… LOVE THE VIDEO… […]

  • Re:Create – Day 1

    I’m sitting in my hotel room right now and its the morning after day one of Re:create. Fred Mckinnon is sleeping and the room is shaking. Ha…just kidding. What an awesome first day. I’ll try to give a quick recap so far and hopefully I don’t forget anything. I will have to go back at […]

  • Pure Praise PDF!

    Hey guys..I know you all saw my last post about the Pure Praise MASS devotional going on over at “the worship community” If you have not ordered your book yet you can grab the PDF E-book of it HERE Get in on this. It is going to be very cool doing a devotional with a […]

  • The Worship Community 2.0

    About 2 years ago I had a vision of this amazing worship and arts community online. I couldn’t make it happen. Fred Mckinnon started the worship community forum and part of that vision took off. After many talks with him and a few other super freakin cool people I am pleased to announce a new […]

  • What the…Friday?

    You got it buddy…some really important things around the net 1. Mark lives at IKEA (ht. Jordan) 2. An amazing comedian (ht. Fred) [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bvy_CMOhrg0] 3. How to tell a designer they need a little help – The Design Police 4. Mcmullens thoughts on marriage – READ IT! 5. Fake it Till You Feel it – […]