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  • Batman – The Dark Knight: HOLY CRAP!

    The Dark Knight opened this past weekend with almost every show here selling out. My wife and I got a much needed date night and actually caught it. What says romance more than watching a physcho on the big screen. I have been a huge Comic Book fan since the beginning of time. And even […]

  • Movies: looking to the far future

    Here are a few movies that are being made that I absolutely can’t wait for. 1. Dark Knight – Coming this summer. Batman with Christian Bale. There is no other Batman. 2. Indiana Jones – We have been waiting forever it seems. I can’t wait much longer 3. G.I. Joe – this one is for […]

  • What the!…Around the blogs and back again

    It’s that time again…interesting stuff on the net…check it out.. Victor is have in a ? Pray for Wisdom’s Kids New Star Trek Trailer Mandy gets interviewed Great video collection by Cosima Heath Ledger Died yesterday…Sad story and I am looking forward to seeing him in the Dark Knight Batman movie. Life is too short..make […]