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I got this book about a month ago with a promise to review and blog about it. I read it in just a few days and then I realized that I had no clue what to say in my review.

I decided to cheat by looking at other people reviews of this book. Many had some little comments and some just copy and pasted some sections of text. No help there.

I went back to the book trying to figure out why I was having such a mental block.

The book is a testimony of a mans life and how God changed it.

I have read those books before and i usually walk away from it going… “wow…thats good stuff..” and then move on in life.

This book however did something a little different for me.

Let me preface this with the fact that I know the writers son. He is a great blog friend of mine, a wonderful father, husband, and fellow worship leader. Why is that part significant. Very simple.

God does amazing things and sometimes we get to see a small glimpse of it. Other times we get to see God change somebody and then that change has a domino effect on everybody and everything around this person. This testimony is just that.

I’m not going to go into too much detail about the mans life and what you can expect. That would ruin it.

The testimony in this book is a testimony much like that of the great men in the Bible.

A testimony of God taking wretched things and making them holy.

A testimony of the overwhelming grace of God.

A testimony that while old still is being worked to this day.

A testimony that forces a person to recognize there MUST BE A GOD.

This is a testimony that confounds the wise.

This is a testimony that is makes the devil shake because people have been changed by this mans life and are continually being changed through the domino effect of Christs amazing grace.

So why was it so difficult to review this. Simple..

Because this is more than just a book. It is proof that God is real and proof that God’s love is greater than we can imagine.


Sunday Setlist

August 19, 2008 — 2 Comments

Here is las sundays set list

I am Yours (Take my life) – michael neal/traditional

Be Glorified – By me
Bless His name – Sanchez
Everlasting God – Brown

O Praise HIm – Crowder
Healer –

Friend of God – Israel.

This was a great set. I also showed the testimony video for the healer song.

Thanks to drew for the chart to I am Yours


This one wrecked me

June 12, 2008 — 11 Comments

Everybody knows how much I love the song “how he loves” and it kills me everytime especially when I am the one singing it. Then I saw this video and It tore me up.


I’ve seen this question posed everywhere. What if Jesus used twitter…what would he say.

I think it would go like this:

@church I’m coming soon

@church Stop making me look bad

@church be still and know I am God

@church Love mercy, act justly and walk humbly with me

@self Boy do I make great things

@twitter If I had created the site…it would actually work.

This story/tragedy still breaks my heart. Then I see this video  come up on youtube of the service and I am blown away. Yes there is sorrow, but it is amazing how much God is still praised for his blessings and faithfulness