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  • Cut the crap: focus on Him

    I was talking to a friend’s wife the other day and God smacked me in the head. She was asking me how I am able to write music and then put it up on the net and not be unselfconscious about it. She is a worship leader as well and has hundreds of song that […]

  • the pulpit has a loaded gun ready for post-9/11 use

    Read this whole page…It is a real statement from a real church… WOW!… I still find it hard to believe in this day in age we are still dealing with Christians who are more about rules than Love. A poll…I have noticed a shift in the Church these days…a call to be real..how bout you […]

  • 75,000: to infinity and beyond

    To all my faithful readers, interactive readers, and random passer byers…CECWorship hit 75,000 hits this weekend. Thanks for everything and lets crack the 100k mark soon. If you read this blog and I don’t know it…say hi…I don’t bite.. ….often

  • Top 5 CD’s of the week

    Here it is folks…the most anticipated news each week. My top favorite CD’s for the week…In random order. Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten (this CD is brilliant…I love the song these words) Natasha Bedingfield – Pocket full of Sunshine (CD came out this week…the song below is freakin awesome) [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=944L10nmLNo] Misty Edwards – Always on My […]

  • A Freakin’ Talking Snake!

    So I was reading to my boys today the story of Adam and Eve. The bible says the snake tells eve that it is ok to eat the apple. Adam is right there when the snake tells her this. I paused for a second and thought… hmmm…thats me thinking. I goes right into Eve eating […]