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Coming next week…

November 9, 2007 — 3 Comments

stay tuned… are you interested yet?

So just when you thought Thursday was here…wednesday rears it’s ugly head.

Do you guys pick up the new radiohead EP or the new Fono? They were available online free or name your price.

1. Looks like Paste Magazine has decided to jump on board as well. They are offering a 1 year subscription for whatever you want to pay.

2. it’s been 12 years but one of my favorite groups from the 90’s is back. Arrested Development. Speach is now an ordained minister and it looks like the new CD is gonna be a great buy.

Remember this one?

I just got an email about this…here is the info

If you missed what originally happened, here is the story:


Mad at the World: 1987-1998

This is a little known band these days, but probablly in the top 5 Christian bands that have influenced me. They were a band that always reinvented their sound. The first CD was almost like Depeche Mode and Tears for fears…later they went into Goth and hard rock ending their music foray with a 60’s 70’s feel. Brilliant stuff here.
Lyrically it they were very challenging dealing with things like suicide, sex, addiction, drugs and ultimatly hope. It is kind of hard to find the CD’s but many were reprinted and can be found on amazon and other sites like

I recently found out Founder and lead singer of MATW Roger Rose is at it again with some demos online.

This is a band the shaped the way for Christian rock and really needs to be revisited often. Go buy the Cd’s

Here they are live…audio isnt hot, but this song rocks!


Mad At The World Discography

  • Mad At The World
Released in 1987 on Frontline Records
Genre: Synthpop
  • Flowers In The Rain
Released in 1988 on Frontline Records
Genre: Synthpop
  • Seasons Of Love
Released in 1990 on Alarma Records
Genre: Hard Rock
  • Boomerang
Released in 1991 on Alarma Records
Genre: Hard Rock
  • Through The Forest
Released in 1992 on Frontline Records
Genre: Hard Rock
  • The Ferris Wheel
Released in 1993 on Frontline Records
Genre: Alternative Rock
  • The Dreamland Café

Released in 1995 on Alarma Records

Genre: Retro Rock (60’s)
  • World History
Released in 1998 by KMG Records
Genre:Best of

  • Seasons Of Love / Mad At The World
A 2-for-1 re-release in 1999 on KMG Records
Genre: Hard Rock / Synthpop
Review: Rad Rockers Review
  • Flowers In The Rain / Boomerang
A 2-for-1 re-release in 1999 on KMG Records
Genre: Synthpop / Hard Rock

What the wednesday

October 30, 2007 — 4 Comments

It has been one eventful weekend to say the least…after my little hiatus from bloggin (and letting billy chia get ahead of me in the world of top blogs for the week) I am officially back with this weeks What the Wednesday.

1. If you don’t know why I was gone for a little…it’s because we had our third son on Sunday. His name is Gavin Mitchell…and we are stoked. My wife, kelly came home today and things are almost back to normal..well with an extra mouth to feed.

2. A few posts back I did a quick review of the new book “jim and casper go to church” . I got an interesting comment from a woman named Helen which directed me to the blog for the book and the concept behind it. . On the front page it said “joel is unimpressed with the book” and i said to myself…”What the!?” sure enough it was a blurb from my review and a comment from Helen (one of the organizers of the site) . she had some back and forth banter with brent on my blog and I jumped in with my thoughts as well…then Matt Casper coauthor of the book had some thoughts to add. All in all a very interesting conversation…
Here is the thing…I still stand by my thoughts on the book…But you will notice I also said you should read it…so read it…there is some interesting insights and thoughts on how we as Christians should be..and some are worth working on…But i want to add…read the comments in the post on my site and on Churchrater almost as an addendum to your reading. Let me know what you think…and if the discussions helped shape your thoughts

3. what are the motives for blogging…Ck answers the question

4. Killer video of opening for Hillsongs 2007 conference.

5. Tam says “don’t put God in a box

6. Mozilla Prism: being introduced with Firefox 3.0…very interesting stuff

7. In a pit with a lion discounted Case price  . Buy this one guys..>Im currently going through this one with my worship team…it is fantastic

There is much more…but this is what Ive got for you this week