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  • Forget the planet: Why be a Mormon?

    So if you are married you know that it takes work and sometimes isn’t easy…mostly cus women are nuts and guys are dumb. Ha ha. With knowing this and dealing with it why the heck would anybody want to be a Mormon? Yes they get thier own planet in the after life and that is […]

  • YAHOO!

    I was watching Attack of the SHow tonight and they said Yahoo is trying to make a comeback over google… Does anybody know anybody who even still uses the site known as YAHOO!? lets try a test here…answer these. Google or yahoo? Firefox or IE? Letter or Email? real people or Facebook?

  • Sovereign Grace : Huge sale

    An announcement was just made that all the CD’s at Sovereign Grace are gonna be $6 in Feb. and on top of that all the books are going to be on sale as well. Oh yeah…free shipping too. GO BUY SOME!

  • Toilet Paper Dodge ball

    So I recently became the HS youth Director at the church and I met with the Jr high youth director and we decided to do toilet paper dodge ball as a kick off to the 2 groups splitting. The video is a little shakey, but man this was wicked fun. Hs vs Jr high. We […]