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This past sunday we had Recording artist and compassion speaker Justin McRoberts. It was an awesome time on Sunday morning. He also did a brilliant concert that evening as well. The man is a truly gifted songwriter with a sound that I remember from the 90’s and have missed. This song is brilliant. ENJOY!!

We all know that Katy Perry was signed with a Christian label with the name Katy Hudson before she “kissed a girl”.

What we didn’t realize was how stinkin talented she is. I really wonder what happened. There have been many great Christian artists that ended up going secular and walking aaway from their faith. I find this sad. I have no clue why she made the move, but I wonder if maybe we as consumers feed this or if it’s just personal walks in life.

Either way this song “search me” is amazing. It starts at 2:20. Enjoy!

Today, the new, long-awaited album from the David Crowder* Band, Church Music, hits the streets.
It’s a good CD and a few of us differ on our opinions on it. Go read the review before you buy the CD!
The Joint brings you another multiple viewpoint review of this fantastic record. Check it out here.

Skeleton Bones

September 17, 2009 — 1 Comment

Below is my new favorite song. It’s from John Mark McMillan (writer of How He Loves).
I can’t wait to do this one in a church service.

John Mark McMillan – Skeleton Bones from john mark mcmillan on Vimeo.

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