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  • Definition of the Church

    My dad (fr. dave) wrote a definition of the church for this past sundays sermon and I thought it was awesome. This really explains who the church is better than anything I have ever read. Enjoy. The Church is the community of people who were purchased for God by the payment of Jesus’ blood. It […]

  • Facebook Song

    I am not only addicted to blogging but also to facebook. I LOVE THIS STUFF!…yes I am a nerd. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSnXE2791yg]

  • Cut the crap: focus on Him

    I was talking to a friend’s wife the other day and God smacked me in the head. She was asking me how I am able to write music and then put it up on the net and not be unselfconscious about it. She is a worship leader as well and has hundreds of song that […]

  • WorshipCity has a boy!

    Woohoo. Thanks to twitter…we know Conner and his wife Rae just had a baby minutes ago. Of course he stole my boys name… 8lbs 2oz and 21″ long! Gavin Conner Byrd has arrived!! Awesome news and congrats big guy.

  • Sara Groves: Compelled

    Sarah Groves: Compelled What a relief it is to know I’m a slave to Christ Of all the masters I have known I’m compelled to live this life Free for you I’m on the other side of something I’m on the other side of something I have a new hope that blows away The small […]