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  • With my eyes wide open: Review

    With my eyes wide open: Miracles and Mistakes on My Way Back to KoRn By Brian “Head” Welch Published by Thomas Nelson Woah! calm down there friends.. stick around for this one. I know the title might have thrown you off and you are thinking this is a review of a new “CREED” album, but […]

  • Four Views on Hell Book Review

    Four Views on Hell By Preston Sprinkle, general editor I’m not exactly sure where the breakdown happened that in the scope of the gospel that hell became an even more important topic than the cross, but recently there has been a ton of controversy over it. Every theological side has been thrown into the wind […]

  • Midnight Jesus Book Review

    Midnight Jesus Where Struggle, Faith, And Grace Collide . . . By Jamie Blaine “The heart of God can be found in the unlikeliest places, in the unlikeliest people.” Jamie Blaine is a christian psychiatric crisis interventionist called to “the least of these”. Much like the books slogans we realize through true stories that God […]

  • Unoffendable – A book review/Soul review

    Unoffendable How Just One Change Can Make All of Life Better By Brant Hansen I have no right to be angry? There is no such thing as a human’s righteous anger? Offense is wrong and vengeance is the Lords? That is pretty much what I read as the description of this book when I got […]

  • Divided: When the Head and Heart Don’t Agree REVIEW

    Divided: When the Head and Heart Don’t Agree by Bill Delvaux Review This book consists of three parts: #1.  Viewing the Divide: How it Began and What it Destroys. #2.  Tackling the Divide:  Three Terrains to Navigate. #3.  Closing the Divide:  What the Journey Feels Like. It is very simplistic in nature in the way it […]