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  • Pentecost: Happy Birthday church!!

    Yesterday was mother’s day and while that was awesome and we had a great time honoring my wife, it was another important day. Pentecost. I read something like 150 or so blogs and I’ve gotta tell ya I don’t think I saw that word anywhere. Then I went searching for videos to use in the […]

  • Thanks Tony Morgan

    I don’t know how many of you are not reading www.tonymorganlive.com, but you should be. This guy is great. On top of that it was an honor to see he he used a banner I whipped up for him on his site today. go check the guy out and soak in the creativity.

  • What the wednesday

    This is a new weekly section. expect oddball stuff, killer resources, sweet blogs, interesting news. Let the fun begin. Jon over at Lifemusicministry has started a series on worship leading essentials UnChristian – new book just came out on monday. looks like a must read Phil Keaggy makes #25 most underrated guitarists. I personally would […]