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  • Have it All – Bethel Review

    It feels like just yesterday that I did a review of the bethel album “we will not be shaken“, where I shared that I was pretty much lukewarm on most of the cuts on it. I have everything ever put out from bethel, brian and jenn, ian mcintosh, steffany gretzinger, jeremy riddle etc etc… You get […]

  • Bethel “We Will Not Be Shaken” Review

    It seems that every time Bethel music announces a new project I find myself giddy with anticipation. (In the most manly bearded way of course) They have been churning out new music at a rate that rivals the machine we call Hillsong, but it has been refreshingly different as well as being worship that pierces the spirit. […]

  • Love Came Down

    Bethel Church came out with a song a few years ago called “Love came down”. It was written by Brian and Jenn Johnson, Jeremy Riddle, and Iam Mcintosh. We are singing it this week at church and not only am I excited to lead it, but I have also enjoyed digging into it’s theology. All […]