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  • Paul Baloche “The Same Love” Review and HUGE Giveaway

    Paul Baloche “The Same Love” Paul Baloche’s New album “The Same Love” Releases next Tues amongst lofty acclaim and in my opinion some very baffling reviews. Yes the general consensus is that it is brilliant, but I have heard too many people state that Paul is intentionally trying to not sound like…Paul. I am a huge fan […]

  • CompassionArt So Great

    Here is a new song premiered on the Dove Awards. It is from CompassionArt. It has Tomlin, Nockels, Houghton, Baloche, S.C. Chapman, Michael W. Awesome! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyBtL93-BGA]

  • St. Michaels Set List 02/17/08

    Processional Time To Worship – C#m/E (Klampert/Theis) Gloria We Praise Your Name – C (Klampert’s ) Praise O taste and see – A (Brian & Jenn Johnson) Marvelous Light – A (Charlie Hall) Majesty – A (Martin Smith) Jesus Paid it All – A Alternative Song Gospel Open the Eyes of My Heart – E […]

  • St. Michaels Set List 01/27/08

    Processional Did You Feel The Mountains – C (Martin Smith) Gloria We Praise Your Name – D (Klampert’s ) Praise Your Grace is Enough – G (Maher, Tomlin) You Amaze Me – G (Michael Neale) Hallelujah Love Song – G/Em (Klampert, Hanlon) Gospel Word of God Speak- G (Millard) Offering See the Way – Bb […]

  • St. Michaels Set List 01/13/08

    Processional Time to Worship – C#m/E (Klampert/Theis) Gloria We Praise Your Name – D (Klampert’s ) Praise Marvelous Light – A (Charlie Hall) Everything Glorious – A (Crowder) Beautiful One – A (Tim Hughes) Gospel Open the Eyes- E (Paul Baloche) Offering Nothing Without You – C (Bebo Norman) You Amaze me – A (Michael […]