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May 9, 2007 — 8 Comments

Just a little thank you for this new milestone. I really hope this site is blessing you readers and new found blogging friends. I know it’s blessed me a ton.


Ok don’t run for the hills…and yes this still is joel’s blog, but Vicky Beeching is not on this weeks list. AHHHHHHHH..  Enjoy…
What about you?

1. Hymns – Chris Oor & Matt Papa * What an amazing CD. I ordered this one and his solo CD also…wow

2. Celtic Worship – Live from Ireland – Doerkson, Mark, Heaslip * I haven’t been on the celtic train in a long time…What a way to come back. Great worship

3. Everybreath You Take (the classics) – The Police * You can’t go wrong with Sting

4. Holding Nothing Back – Tim Hughes * I got this the other day…fantastic…Ill have a review up soon

5. In a Word – Yes (5 disk box set) * All time greatest band. Steve Howe is a genius

I thought Id post today the format for our service. It really shows how we meld in the CEC ancient and modern. This is the sheet I use when I put together my set list. It didn’t align wuite right in the post but its still readable.

As always Worship leaders post your set lists or a link to where we can find your set list.

This weeks service was great. opened with chorus from here is our king into raise up the crown. We had fun with introducing undignified and took it to let the praises ring with my arrangement of it. (doh…ive gotta post that). Going into amazing grace was awesome..we actually started with the chorus. HA HA HA I got stuck singing the verses sometimes the original way and 2 times tomlin way. I introduced vicky beechings above all else. Communion worship was great going into baloche offering. What a great song that is. And then we ended with an amped up version of blessed be your name. That was wicked fun. It was an all acoustic day. I played blessed be your name with capo on 2 in g formation.


SUNDAY LITURGY: Season: Easter 5 Date: May 6th 2007

Subject: Body Worship



Pre-Processional Here is Our King (Chorus) E

Procession Hymn: All Hail The Power (Raise up a Crown) E

Opening Acclamation Collect for Purity / General Confession / Absolution


Worship in Song Undignified D

Let the Praises Ring E

Hallelujah (Your love is Amazing) G

Majesty (Here I Am) G

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) D


Possible Special ________________________________________ ____


OT Reading Leviticus 19:1-2, 9-18

Psalm Psalm 145

NT Reading Revelation 19:1-9

Gospel Procession Open The Eyes of My Heart E

Gospel Reading John 13:31-35


Creed & Prayers

Offertory Above All Else D



Sanctus Holy Holy (Knott) C


Mystery of Faith ________________________________________ ____

Our Father

Distribution: Time To Worship (Klampert) E

Offering (Baloche) E

I Exalt Thee E

Post Communion

Prayer/ Blessing

Recessional: Blessed Be Your Name A

St. Michael’s Charismatic Episcopal Church Set List

As always any worship leaders who read this blog please post your set list in the comments.
and check back to read my “worship confessional” on the service

  • D – There is a Redeemer – Green


  • G – O Praise Him – Crowder (cut Capo 7th fret and regular capo 5th fret)
  • Em – Awesome God –Beeching (cut Capo 7th fret and regular capo 5th fret)
  • G – Shine Jesus Shine – Kendrick (cut Capo 7th fret and regular capo 5th fret)
  • A – Beautiful one – Hughes
  • A – Sweetly Broken – Riddle


  • E – Open the Eyes of my Heart – Baloche


  • C – May the Words of my Mouth – Hughes


  • D – I Will Offer Up my Life – Redman
  • D – Once Again – Redman


  • C – Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble – Smith

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Oh man…almost forgot about this.

Whats your top songs this week

1. Beautiful News – Redman

2. Painting the Invisible – Vicky Beeching

3. Holy God – Brian Doerkson

4. More than Ever- Vineyard

5. Nevermind – Nirvana

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