My Gear


Here is my current gear that I use.

Vox AC15CC1
Vox Pathfinder 15

Breedlove AC25SRplus
Gretsch Bobtail Resonator
Gretsch New Yorker Mandolin
Mike Gee Kustoms USA twangcaster Relik
Parker NiteFly SA
Gretch 5120 orange
Epiphone Les Paul Custom with dimarzios and sperzels

Line6 M13
Visual Sound Visual Volume
Boss DD20
Customized Maxon OD808 with Dragon embelishment
Powder White Crybaby Wah
Xotic Effects EP Booster
Xotic Effects SP Compressor
Lovepedal OD11
TC electronics Arena Reverb (aka the angel pedal)
LR Baggs Para DI
Big Muff Wicker
Pedal Train pedal board
Blackeye effects ABY
Blackeye effects Amp switch
Blackeye effects 4 channel looper

Audio Technica ATM 610
Audio Technica ATM 650
Sennheiser E609
Samson USB mic

Macbook Pro
iPAD 4
Pageflip Cicada

Ebow Plus
Snarling Dog picks .88
Jazz III picks
Planet Waves Custom Cables
Mogami Cables
LYT pedal board cables
Short Cut Capo
Kyser Capos
Godlyke Pedal power




16 responses to “My Gear”

  1. chrisfromcanada Avatar

    Nice! I need to do a gear post. Thanks for the link!

  2. Manuel Perez Avatar

    I like your gear!
    How can I show my guitar and amps and pedals?

  3. klampert Avatar

    thanks manuel…you can upload them or host them on your own server or on something like photobucket

  4. Ken Boyden Avatar
    Ken Boyden

    Hi Joel,

    I’ a worship leader in Scotland CT. I also use a POD xt. I use a modified Fender Tele American Standard with piezo pichups…. Anyway, do you have any good patches you’ve come up with on the POD? I use mostly VOX AC30 and Mesa patches… what do you use?

  5. klampert Avatar

    Ken…Im hoping to upgrade to the X3 soon…it looks great
    I use the AC30 as well.
    I have a great acoustic tone that I got from the custom tone section on thier site…
    I use slight delay on rhythm
    Lead stuff the marshall sounds are great…
    I also love just a little overdrive with delay (tons of it)
    Im gonna have to annalyze the sounds a little more and let you know

  6. Victor Estrada Avatar

    Dang, thats some sweet stuff. I love the Gretch.

    I tried the POD XT for a while but it didn’t work for me. I could never get those cool sounds that everyone else was getting. Plus I guess I like tap dancing and pressing all those pedals.

    Thanks for sharing all that.

  7. Chris aka Cmac Avatar

    Like the gear you use. I play the guitar with the Praise and Worship team at our church also. My setup is the POD Xt Live, Epiphone Les Paul, a Fender Strat, Ovation Acoustic and a Crate BV -120 (with the blue covering). I truely enjoy playing for my Lord and am in the works of recording some of my own music. If you would be willing to share some of the tones you have come up with I would greatly appreciate it. I have some for groups like Hillsong and Kutless that I will be loading soon on the Line 6 website. God Bless!

  8. georgesong Avatar

    nice gear and cool site, joel! cool to see what others use. here’s what i rely on Sunday in and Sunday out! God bless, bro!

  9. Scott Keller Avatar

    1997 AC30 w/ Greenbacks
    Heavily modified Hot Rod Deluxe
    Epi Valve Junior, again modded (with my golden screwdriver and platinum soldering iron)

    Fulldrive II (the old blue one)
    Budda Phatman Tube Overdrive
    Boss OS-2 Overdrive/Distortion
    Electro-Harmonix LBP-1 Booster

    Pod XTLive (I run it flat, effects only)
    Boss DD-20 Gigadelay

    Vox Wah-Wah


    2003 Les Paul Studio
    2000 American Standard Telecaster
    Tex Mex Strat – Year unknown
    1998 Larrivee D-03 Acoustic with Highlander Pickup system

    I actually use a Boss GT-3 for EQ, verb, chorus, and sometimes delay with my acoustic.

    Sounds like the XTLive is a popular rig!


  10. Boston Counseling Avatar

    Your website showed up under “Apple Counseling” on google. I went to it and got hooked!

  11. willyang Avatar

    sweet, a music director sporting a parker, awesome! how are you liking the xt live? many are flocking to the x3 live for their church rig…i’m still running pedals and a tube amp, tho. nice gear. props.

  12. worshipcity Avatar

    Hey how are you digging the POD XLT? Do you run it through an amp or direct? I’m trying get some gear to move forward with a regular Youth Service and I was thinking the POD line might be better than nabbing some pedals and might be easier to use for players with varying degrees of skill level?

  13. John Morris Avatar

    I had the same Gretsch, and a PODxt live. I had to get rid of the Gretsch because of my heavy-handedness. I kept moving the floating tailpiece and knocking it out of tune. Do you have the same problem?

  14. mikemonts Avatar

    i play lead guitar in my church band with my prs custom 24 through an xt live pedal. i used to use the vox ac30 amp religiously until i started playing around with the hiwatt tone. you should check it out if you haven’t already.

  15. Ovation LX Avatar

    I’m a fan of the Ovation LX which is what I use for gigs and for church, like mike.

    You gave me a good idea with posting your gear, I think ill try doing the same. I’m also a trumpet player but man, you got to love the guitar!


  16. Chris Callahan Avatar

    Hey Joel,
    You’d like my Martin 00028-EC with Black Pearl & Gold Waverlies, a Baggs Dual Source pickup and custom double wound Newtone strings from England, or my Roy McAlister nylon string hybrid with Brazilian Rosewood/German Spruce and Rodgers Tuners from England with an iBeam pickup.

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