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  • What a privilege it is to worship Him

    The God who breathed stars into existence, who spoke and made the heavens created us out of dust, to be little mud men in relationship with him. What a mystery. What a privilege to be called sons and daughters because of the mind shattering love and grace and mercy of God. Jesus, God’s plan A, […]

  • Our Art on God’s Refrigerator: Creativity in the Church

    Here is the audio from a breakout session I did in Bristol, CT for “Worship Seminar with Matt Stinton” in Bethel, CT. I read a book a few years back that God puts our art on His refrigerator and this got me thinking about our role as creators and artists. Please note that the first 5 […]

  • Top 20 Worship songs according to me

    Worship Leader Magazine continued their series of “Top 20s” with a post of their top 20 songs of the last 20 years. I was floored by their choices once again and found myself disagreeing with much of it. I felt like “songs that impact the church” is much less subjective and should make sense but it […]

  • 4 New albums you need that you may have not heard

    I have the privilege of listening to tons of new music and I wanted to showcase 4 CD’s/EP’s I am in love with right now. 1. Matthew Reed – Come and drink Matthew sent this to me and asked that I check it out for him. I am a sucker for a well produced indie sound and […]

  • Is our worship just a drug?

    A few quotes on worship: “it’s great… you just feel really euphoric” “makes me feel like superman, lots of energy and a feeling like I could do anything” “sometimes like you’re floating on the inside” The interesting thing is that all of these are actually all quotes about what it is like to feel high. […]