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  • Election has ended… the world has not

    The announcement of election happened and our kids were worried about our result. They had many questions and we talked through politics on different levels for our 4 kids different ages, but We had only one thing that we needed to say that they all needed to get. “God is not surprised, God is not […]

  • My politics for 2016

    MY ONLY POLITICAL POST: I have been praying and thinking for days about the plight of our country, society, communities, families… I find myself just saddened over what I see. I am watching racism, bigotry, sexism, bitterness, fighting, greed, deception, vile discussion, character assassination and more… I’m not talking about the presidential election. I am […]

  • President Obama

    What a historic moment for our country in more ways than one. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t agree with everything that President Obama stands for, but I respect his ability and prayer for his wisdom. We are in uncertain times in our country. I am thankful that my assurance is in Christ […]

  • Winner announced: is this the end?

    Last night america decided on a new guy for the job as President. He isn’t exactly who I was hoping for, but even with that said I pray that he does a great job. While I am stoked we Finally have a black president, I am not too keen on his stand on marraige and […]