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  • New song: Mighty Warrior (the cleaned up version)

    I wanted to post a cleaned up version of the song I posted yesterday. See here for lyrics and song story. It is very simple and is meant to be very repetitive with a “revival” like chorus. It is a battle song. Chords are C, G, Am, F. Mighty warrior (cleaned up version) by Klampert

  • Mighty Warrior (new song)

    Song Story: Once a month my church meets with a few other churches to worship and pray for the spiritual climate to change in RI. We call it 1prayer. It is an amazing time and has been moving towards a harp and bowl model of worship (think IHOP). One night my dad, the pastor of […]

  • Awake – original song

    A few weeks ago I started talking to Bridget Willard about maybe collaborating on some music via the wonderful inernet. We worked on a Christmas song that is almost finished and I love it. When I asked Bridget “what’s next?” she sent me a link to some words she posted on her site. I was […]

  • Breath of Heaven

    Here is my new song. It is a very simple (in your prayer closet) kinda song. I hope you enjoy it. [youtube][/youtube] here are the lyrics: Breathe on me O Breath of Heaven Let Your spirit fall on me Let my life be filled with Your truth Lord renew my heart for You Breathe on […]

  • Can you name these bloggers?

    Here is a pic of two “very” famous bloggers. Can you name who they are for 10 points?