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  • My favorite albums from 1994

    I saw an album pop up in in front of me that said “20th anniversary” and my first thought was: “DANG I’m old… my “music” is now considered oldies” … and then I decided to look at what else was 20 years old this year and reminisce the days of BRILLIANT music. So here is […]

  • Brothers McClurg: You Shine Through

    My friends from Brothers McClurg just debuted an awesome new video. They want to hit 5000 views this month. I dare you to try to watch this video only once!

  • My influences musically: Part 2

    I said there would be a part 2 and while I am working on a post about “selfish leadership” I hope this will be good for random reading over the weekend for my myriads of readers. ha! Here is the completion to the top 10 artists that have influenced my style. 6. Kings X 7. […]

  • I’m listening to 90’s?

    Yeah we all have had our posts about how killer the music in the 90’s was…and I agree. Here is what I’m listening to right now from that time. ROCKABILLY SWING! Setzer, Cherry poppin daddies, and Squirrel Nut Zippers. Tell me you love ’em too. I miss the 90’s music. [youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=]