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  • Ignite: Let me tell you about it.

    …Continued from previous post. So I don’t believe I have posted about our ignite service yet, so here we go. Our Ignite service is our evening service geared for ages 13-25 and has been once a month. We have everaged maybe 12-15 kids to it. Not a bad number considering our church is not a […]

  • Lincoln Brewster: Today is the Day Review

    I have been listening to Lincoln Brewster since his first CD and have always enjoyed his music. I have however noticed something. His music and showcase of talent is much better when heard live. This was evident when his Live CD “All to You” came out. If you listen to that CD compared to his […]

  • Can you name these bloggers?

    Here is a pic of two “very” famous bloggers. Can you name who they are for 10 points?

  • Top 25 on my itunes right now

    How about you? Any of those on your list this month

  • Elevation Worship: Thanks Wade

    Elevation Church has a new CD out. I want to thank Wade Joye for sending me a copy to check out. I can’t wait to listen to this thing. This CD is an amazing testament to what is going on over at Steven Furtick’s church. Thanks Wade! Review coming soon.