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Recently Worship Leader published their list of the top 20 most influential albums on worship of the past 20 years. It is a very cool list, but I walked away thinking there were a few very odd choices. Of course this kind of list is subjective, but there were people on that list that haven’t even impacted the corporate worship of the church just yet. They are too new.

As I chatted with my friend Mike Mahoney on the list and we decided that, since it was subjective to say which CD’s have influenced worship as a whole, we would instead create lists of the top Albums that have influenced our personal worship styles on and off the stage.

Here is mike’s post on it

My top 10 influential CD’s on my worship musical style

  1. Delirious: Cutting Edge – a brilliant CD and the day modern worship changed forever with the first crack of the snare in “did you feel the mountains tremble”
  2. Klaus Kuehn: Healing waters – This CD like no other just brings me into the throneroom
  3. The Choir: Love songs and Prayers – My favorite Christian band of all time with inspiring lyrics and the greatest guitar sounds
  4. At the Foot of the Cross: Vol 1 Clouds, Rain, Fire – This CD may have been the first album to mash ancient and modern worship together. With tons of different artists it meshed so many styles and still to this day sounds relevant
  5. Paul Baloche: Open the Eyes of my Heart – I was surprised this was not on the list above. This album was so rich!
  6. David Crowder Band: Illuminate – This CD introduced us to so many worship songs I still play. Hands down my favorite CD from crowder
  7. Vineyard: More than ever – A live CD with worship leader Robbie Rieder. I love all the songs on this album. “dwell” “sweetly broken” “more than ever” “bless his name” .. not a bad song
  8. Daniel Bashta: Sounds of Daniel Bashta – This CD blew my mind and I am so happy to have new prophetic “WAR” worship
  9. Misty Edwards: tie between relentless and Always on his mind – Misty stirs my soul and teaches me to listen when I lead
  10. Charlie Hall: Flying into Daybreak – Charlie was never afraid to push boundaries with his lyrics, direct it towards God and yet at same time make it accesible.
  11. Kings X: Faith Hope Love – Pure rock, melodic, and Solo’s for God. What could be better
  12. IONA: Journey into the Morn – One of those albums that somehow transport you in worship to another world.
  13. Matt Redman: Facedown – Real, authentic stripped down.
  14. Saviour Machine: Saviour Machine 1 – A christian goth CD that has taught me space, layering and power
  15. Sojourn Music: Over the Grave – The best modern workings of hymns… a perfectly crafted CD
  16. Red Letter: Red Letter Live – More modern hymns that have stylistically changed the way I play
  17. Ex Nihilo: Ex Nihilo Live – More modern hymns that have stylistically changed the way I play
  18. Brian & Jenn Johnson: We Believe – I love the sincerity of this CD and crave for this type of deep worship
  19. Sojourn Music: Split EP – Sojourn singlehandedly brought the art of folk and real doctrine worship back into my playing
  20. Phil Wickham: Singalong – The best Live worship CD of all time. one guy… one guitar and tons of people pouring out to God!

Of course there are more bands and CD’s having an impact on my worship style and will continue to, but these had the biggest impact.

How about you? What would be your top album influences on your worship style?

My influences musically

June 29, 2011 — 3 Comments

We have all been influenced musically. By influence I don’t mean music you like, but rather music that has shaped your sound. The bands that laid the groundwork for how you play or sing. Here is a few of my list. Of course if I really wanted to nitpick I could come up with about 300 bands that somehow influenced me, but I think this captures at least my top 5. hmmm.. maybe I will post a part 2 with 5 more.


1. The Choir

2. Saviour Machine

3. Charlie Hall

4. Matt Redman

5. Vigilantes of Love

Hillsong United’s new CD “a_cross the earth: tear down the walls” drops May 26th.

Seems you don’t have to wait till then to get some of it. Download the free MP3 and chart for one of the new songs off of it NOW!

Here is the free chord chart to the song

Song Story – “Living Rain”
As introduced by Parachute Band member Simon Moore

“Living Rain” is one of the corner-stone songs on Technicolor, not just for the band but for everyone who was involved in making this album.

Right from hearing the first version it was SO obvious that here was a remarkable worship song that captured what we wanted this album to be all about – redemption songs that are just bursting with God’s full color love! 

Ric Knott, the same song writer who wrote songs like Surrender All on the last album, tells the story of bringing “Living Rain” to life really well.

From Ric: “I was in Indonesia on a Bible School that my in-laws run in Sept 05 and on a rare day off we decided to jam some tunes out. We came up with the verse melody there and then ran out of time. Later on, back in New Zealand, I started working on it again based on 2 Chron 7:14…’If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land’… and it all just fell into place. 

It really came out of a desire to write a song about being desperately thirsty for the Holy Spirit to come and heal our land. There’s something about singing that line: ‘over my street oh Spirit reside’ that brings that song right down into your neighbourhood and to the people that you love and see everyday. 

More than just a concept, but a ‘daily heartbreak’ for his refreshing and bringing it all back to our the beginning of our faith – the Cross and our first love and desire for him which we can so easily lose sight of.”

Ignite: Sample Video

September 22, 2008 — 3 Comments

Here is a sample of some of the music.. I’ll have more on the crazy musicians in the band.

Yes that is a Dimebag Signature guitar.