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  • Are you an ark builder or a wood gatherer?

    The year was 1995. I was off to VA to train and then work with YWAM. We had so many sessions on prayer and worship and the passing on of the “mantle” to other leaders. It was an amazing time. Eventually I was off with a small team to Kiev, Ukraine, but before I went […]

  • Transparent: Window to the soul

    If you read my blog, which you should be, you would have noticed a group of men I meet with that we call “the Forge”. It is a group where I can go and be completely transparent with fellow brothers in ministry from other churches. About 7 months ago God had me move out of […]

  • I’ve been Twitter-fied

    Thats right..I buckled and jumped on the crazy train called twitter. follow me

  • A Shift in our church thinking: SIMPLE

    Have you read The Simple Church? I have and our leaders have. It had some very interesting ideas about stripping out the complexity of our church operations. It teaches basically to come up with principal areas of ministry and an order of discipleship process. We have heard that before, but the difference with this is […]