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  • 40 Days – Reflections on Lent: Intercession – Days 9 & 10

    Maybe it is fitting that such a big word would have a big task. Intercession. To stand in the gap. To fight for somebody when they can’t fight. We can interceed or intervene on behalf of a person with our words and our actions. Some of us have been in an “intervention” and it saved […]

  • Reflections on Lent: Man Down…Press On – Day 8

    The ancient and wise philospher, Chumbawamba, once said “I get knocked down, But I get up again, You’re never going to keep me down” I have been amazed at my journey so far this Lent. I don’t know what it is this year that is making things so different for me. Maybe it’s the trials […]

  • 40 Days – Reflections on Lent: Sweet Dreams are Made of These – Day 4

    I think the only thing in life more difficult to handle than unrequited love is unfulfilled dreams. With a pinnacle birthday coming up I have spent a lot of time in the last 6 months thinking over the things in life I wanted to accomplish. I remember graduating High school, back when flannel meant something […]

  • 40 Days – Reflections on Lent Day 1

    DAY 1: ASH WEDNESDAY – I had an interesting church up bringing. I can safely say it was not a typical journey, but it gave me an exposure to pretty much every variety of church there is. In one sense the variety of sources I had in my life that gave me my taste of christian […]

  • A quote on Lent

    God doesn’t want our pious or petty denials of self (be it food or creature comforts or whatever), he wants our hearts! Lent is not about fasting or self-denial; it’s about serious participation—here and now—in God’s divine forgiveness with all his people. It doesn’t change God, it changes us. It changes our hearts. -One of […]