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  • Family of 6?

    If your smart and read my blog then you are already jumping… If your not smart and don’t read my blog then let me spell it out for you. My wife and I are expecting a fourth kid!!!! We are soooo nervous and sooo excited! Pray for us…for sanity and for wife and baby’s health.

  • Happy 1st Birthday Gavin

    Today our littlest boy, Gavin, turns 1. Should be a good day. Don’t tell Conner at worshipcity, but my Gavin is cuter. ROFL.

  • 11 years to an amazing woman

    With the move of my blog and having a random 2 week break because of it I was not able to let everybody know about something big that happened on OCT 11th. It was my 11th anniversary of being married to the woman above, Kelly. Like any marraige we have had our betters or for […]